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Siberian Coolers has now pioneered an unparalleled level of refinement in the Alpha Series. We have listened to the requests of industry leading guides and elite outdoorsmen and pulled from our knowledge and experience to introduce a standard of cooler construction that has been unprecedented—until now.   

The Alpha Cam Latch System sits flush to the body face allowing the cooler to be tightly packed with other gear and to keep fly lines free.   The Siberian Cam Latch is made with high quality nylon fiber infused thermoplastic and military grade hard-anodized aluminum, creating a latch system able to withstand use in extreme temperatures and corrosive saltwater environments.  The latches can be easily opened and closed without sacrificing the integrity of the lid seal.   

The Siberian ALPHA Sidekick is the go anywhere anytime companion for all outdoor enthusiasts. We took our original Sidekick and beefed up it's construction and added tie down strap slots, hidden pad lock holes our New! Cam Latch System!  

The ALPHA Sidekick is perfect for days on the beach, to strap to your ATV or for packing your lunch for full days on the job site.  When you are your own hero, you have to have a Sidekick.

IGBC Certified Bear Resistant Cooler- #5140 

Key Features:

  • Roto-Molded One Piece Design

  • PE foam Injected for Superior Insulation

  • Durable LLDPE ( Linear Low-Density Polyethylene) Outer Shell

  • Heavy Duty Hard Anodized Aluminum Latches 

  • Stainless Steel Hinges

  • Durable Aluminum Carry Handle

  • Tie Down Strap Slots

  • Hidden Pad Lock Plates

  • Siberian Coolers Lifetime Warranty

  • Color: Granite or White

Capacity: 22 Quarts

Outside Dimensions: Length: 19.60" Width: 13.50"  Height: 13.75"

Inside Dimensions:    Length: 13.80"  Width: 9.10"  Height: 9.05"

Weight: 14.30 lbs.