Weather Tech Trial Run

Hey Crawler Ready nation!

I am not sure how many of you had the chance to enjoy this latest snow storm  but it was nice to see some snow since we have had an extremely warm winter. 

Now im sure a lot of people are sick of winter and are ready for summer but I have a new addition to my truck and I really wanted to get it dirty to see how well it worked. A few weeks ago I added some Weather Tech Floor Liners and the normal use just was not giving me the challenge I wanted. With the nice snow storm we had I was excited to tromp around in the snow and see how dirty I could get them. 

Right away I learned that they are going to do exactly what they are designed to do and that is keep dirt and grim off your carpet. I normally would do everything I could to make sure my feet were a clean as possible, but I dont think I every lost a habit faster then knowing the interior of my ride it protected. That included new years gym resolutions :)

The Weather Tech floor liners managed superb and I could not be happier. They fit well they look good and I do not even mind how they feel under my feet. There are other options out there I just want to say this is a good one.  

Now I do not have any affiliation with Weather Tech besides selling them so if you have any questions or would like a quote let us know. We will be happy to help you out. 


Here is a little picture of what the day had for me as I tired to get to my truck. 

Always remember were here to enjoy not destroy!!



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