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In the spirit of Halloween, I wanted to talk about the elusive spindle (insert ghost noises). The “elusive spindle” is the last real needed piece that is keeping me from finishing the axle swap on my ‘97 Jeep Wrangler TJ. Like a Halloween movie it is constantly haunting me and like the protagonist running from a villain, freedom will not be achieved til l I find the solution to overcome the adversary. The problem with the spindle is that it is bent. The problem replacing it is that its off a custom-built axle and I am not sure what to...

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Over the summer I have been spending some of my spare time working on a 1997 Jeep Wrangler TJ. I have had a soft spot for Jeep TJs for a long time, so being able to have one to work on and go play with in the hills is a small dream come true. What I love most about my Jeep is that it's a very easy platform to work on. There is also a very large selection of after market parts available, I also love the look of them. Not everyone might agree with me, but I think that...

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Hey Crawler Ready Nation, A few the weekends ago we had our annual SNOWBALL RUN and wanted to share the experience with you!! For the last few years in January we prep for the cold and head up Highway 6 to a ghost town called Thistle. Thistle was a town that thrived by servicing locomotives before the change over to diesel engines. In April 1983 a landslide blocked the Spanish Fork River which flooded and destroyed the town(geology). After we got off the main road we have to take a minute to let people air down and disconnect their sway...

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Hey Crawler Ready Nation, Today we embark on a new chapter in Crawler Ready. First off, I want to say thanks to all of you and to Tyler! He has built an amazing brand in the off-road industry, and has devoted a lot of time, effort and passion to get Crawler Ready to where it is. We are honored to take over Crawler Ready and we will strive to bring the passion that Tyler has brought. We are excited to take on this new chapter and hope we can provide awesome new products that everyone will enjoy. We are currently...

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