Broken in half Control Arm... How does that happen?

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Broken in half Control Arm... How does that happen?

Problem dealing with a project someone else worked on is your not alway sure on the quality of work. Sure there are some that we know and trust so we always take their work and face value. But i have come to learn that when you come across some workmen ship that you questions you are likely correct. I picked up a new to me 2010 Jeep wrangler and quickly sent it out to the trails. I took to to the Vernal Rock Rally where Crawler Ready sponsored the Docs Beach trail. Then took out on some closer trails to continue to "learning" phase of jeep owner ship. 

After a few local trails i put together a planned trip out to the Devils Race Track out in the San Rafael swell area. This is general not a very hard trail but the view are amazing. We went out there with a few friends from the industry. As we started on the trail is was a great day. Which i will have to tell you about the trail another time. today i wanted to talk about what we found after returning home. In fact i did not even find out. Another off road buddy pointed it out when he was admiring the JK. Which is funny to say since it was Tapply from Racing Anxiety (a Toyota Guy) who noticed the issue. While he was looking at the jeep he found the broken tie rod. It broke right in half. Which i have never seen. I knew the previous owner stretched the rear axle 3 inches but he had cut and re-welded the stock arms. They have held up for the most part but finally given in. 

So with a phone call to Core 4x4 i was able to get a custom length replacement in a couple days. I Headed over to Chris's house and we threw these bad boys in. Such a difference when you put in a quality part. The bad thing is for what ever reason i only ordered the Two instead or replacing all the rear parts. Guess i have another shop night coming up. Hopefully before winter Jamboree. 

If you need a solid control arm with amazing warranty and amazing owner check out Core 4x4. Build in Orem Utah if you prefer local products. 

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Nick Ostler
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